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2018: zeiler.partners unter den LEGAL 500


zeiler.partners wird zum wiederholten Mal in allen Tätigkeitsbereichen der Kanzlei in den Legal 500 gerankt:

Dispute Resolution - ranked in tier 2

"The ‘very responsive’ team at zeiler.partners Rechtsanwälte GmbH is particularly rated for its expertise in energy sector disputes and investment arbitrations, which leads to a regular flow of arbitrator appointments under VIAC, ICC and UNCITRAL rules. Key individuals include ‘fantastic court room performerGerold Zeiler, the ‘very smartLisa Beisteiner, who is also ‘pleasant to work with’, and the recommended Alfred Siwy."


Employment - ranked in tier 4

"zeiler.partners Rechtsanwälte GmbH provides general employment and pensions advice and represents clients in litigation.[...]"


Individuelle Nennungen unserer partners:

// Hans Georg Laimer - Recommended lawyer 2018 // Gerold Zeiler - Leading individual 2018 (Dispute resolution - Arbitration and mediation) // Gerold Zeiler - Recommended lawyer 2018 // Lisa Beisteiner - Recommended lawyer 2018 // Alfred Siwy - Recommended lawyer 2018