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Negotiation & Mediation

partners in negotiation & mediation

Our lawyers are known as skilful negotiators and we have ample experience in supporting our clients in mediation and other ADR proceedings (including assistance before dispute boards). Not every case is for mediation – but if yours is, we believe that mediation can be a powerful process to find constructive and creative solutions in the interest of all stakeholders. It can save you considerable energy and resources and it can preserve valuable partnerships. Jointly with our clients we evaluate whether mediation or another form of facilitated negotiation is the right method to resolve their dispute. We help you embark upon effective and future-oriented communication and identify the right neutral (mediator or other). Not least, we thoroughly compile the relevant case information and present it in a clear and interest-based manner.

We are your partner when you decide to sit down with your counter party and strive for a negotiated or mediated solution.



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