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Industrial Relations

partners in industrial relations

Our team of seasoned advisers assists employers on the full range of industrial relations law. This includes representing employers against trade unions and works councils as well as against works council members.

We advise our long-standing clients, inter alia, on designing their industrial relations strategy, defending claims by works council members regarding detrimental treatment or dismissal on the grounds of their status, drafting and amending shop agreements and collective bargaining agreements, as well as on establishing national (and group / European) works councils.

Whilst our specialists work with employers from many different sectors, our advice is at all times tailored to our clients’ needs. Thus, we take into account not only the type of workforce you have but also the relationship you have (and want to have) with your employee representatives and unions.

Advising in this field is not just a question of applying black letter law – it is about recognizing what works and what does not. That is the kind of experience we have.

You stay focused on your people – we support you in managing industrial relations.



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