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Dispute Prevention, Contracts & Compliance

partners in dispute prevention, contracts & compliance 

We certainly know how to manage lawsuits in the best interest of our clients and are known for our excellent advocacy skills. We believe, however, that avoiding disputes altogether is clearly preferable to winning lawsuits.

Therefore, we assist our clients to screen their business for avoidable legal hazards – which we know all too well from our dispute resolution practice. This includes a structured review of your standard contract forms, internal processes, documentation standards and allocation of responsibilities. For our dispute prevention and compliance services we also draw upon our profound knowledge notably in corporate, employment and competition law.

Beyond a risk analysis of existing contracts, we also assist our clients in newly drafting complex contracts, notably where these involve multiple parties or multiple jurisdictions. Our services include the general design and negotiation of comprehensive contractual agreements, just as well as adding our expertise to an ongoing contract drafting process, e.g. on the structuring of complex dispute resolution clauses.

You stay focused on business – we work to minimize your exposure to disputes.



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