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Data Protection

partners in data protection

Modern technology has become a constant and significant companion of working life. It allows companies to tailor their workflows in the most efficient ways. Employees, for their part, benefit from an increased flexibility of their daily working routine. Data, as a product and tool, has become one of the most important keys to success for many businesses.

A digital working environment, however, mandates an appropriate protection against misconduct and external attacks. Especially since the implementation of the GDPR, companies have become increasingly aware how data protection issues impact all business and industry sectors. Due to the hefty fines introduced by European legislators, compliance with the rules has become key. Failure to safeguard people’s privacy or to ensure security of their data can lead, not only to substantial fines, but may also severely damage a company’s brand. 

We advise our clients in the full range of employment related data protection and privacy issues and assist in implementing modern technology in your working environment. Our services range from the assessment of all aspects of employment and data protection law to the preparation of all required documents and agreements, such as drafting shop agreements, and negotiations with the works council.

You stay focused on your business – we navigate employers through the maze of data protection rules.


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