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Construction & Engineering Disputes

partners in construction & engineering disputes 

A particular focus of our dispute resolution practice is on construction and engineering disputes. Our experience covers a wide range of projects – some examples include the construction of hydroelectric power stations in Austria, the restoration of a national railway network in Central Europe, a major FIDIC red book bank protection project with state-involvement in Eastern Europe and the successful conclusion of a comprehensive settlement process in a telecommunications construction project.

Each project is unique, and so each construction dispute is different. Our lawyers are known for their prowess to grapple with the technical details of a case, their thorough preparation of the facts and the law, and their ability to present comprehensive information in a clear and coherent manner. We have worked on disputes arising under a wide range of agreements, including FIDIC-based projects, consortia and joint ventures. Our team also assists in claim management processes and has experience in representing clients in dispute board proceedings, where we are poised to make the substantial time commitments required in this process.

zeiler.partners represents all parties involved in a construction project, including employers, contractors and sub-contractors, in arbitration and before the state courts. Also, our partners have sat as arbitrators in numerous construction cases, including a recent ICC emergency arbitration.

You focus on your project – we take care of your dispute.


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