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#TodayInDispute the Austrian Supreme Court issued an opinion on the definition of claim preclusion (entschiedene Sache). (...)

others about us, Gerold Zeiler CLient Choice Award

Others about us

Gerold Zeiler has been honoured with the Client Choice Award 2018 for Arbitration and ADR in Austria and was awarded the title Lawyer of the Year 2018 for Arbitration and Mediation by Best Lawyers.


Vortrag laimer IMH 2018


Laimer, "Die Betriebsvereinbarung in der Personaldatenverarbeitung" - Veranstaltung von imh „Datenschutz in der betrieblichen Praxis“, Vienna (Austria), 3-4 July 2018.

  • 2018 Anwaltsranking

    Others about us

    Gerold Zeiler and Hans Laimer are top ranked by the Austrian magazine TREND which annually identifies Austria’s best attorneys. Gerold is again one of Austria’s top attorneys in litigation and arbitration. Hans is honoured for his expertise in employment law.

    d4b 29 05 2018 kalss, Kachel Rümpfe
    29 May 2018, breakfast from 8:30 am and lecture from 9 to 10:30 am
    Grenzen des Syndikatsvertrags // Prof. Susanne Kalss
    opinions on partners, Legal 500 2018

    Others about us

    The firm as well as the partners Gerold Zeiler, Hans Laimer, Lisa Beisteiner and Alfred Siwy are ranked by Legal 500 in the edition of 2018.


    201805 Beisteiner Kluwer Arbitration Blog


    Beisteiner, “New Vienna Rules – Where do you stand on Security for Costs?”, Kluwer Arbitration Blog, 7 April 2018


  • Austrian Yearbook on Arbitration 2018  Kachel Stift
    The brandnew Austrian Yearbook on International Arbitration 2018 is available now. We are proud that many of us contributed to this year's edition: Gerold Zeiler once again co-edited and Alfred Siwy, Thomas Herbst and Markus Schifferl contributed as authors.
    Events, Dreiländerkonferenz 2018, Kachel OG 3


    21 September 2018 the next Dreiländerkonferenz will take place. Save the date.

  • Vortrag Zeiler Damages in International Arbitration kachel opinions

    Zeiler (moderator), ICC conference about Damages in International Arbitration, Vienna (Austria), 24/25 May 2018.

    Schreuer (speaker), Lessons learnt in Latin America – ICSID-denunciations and their consequences, Ninth Investment Arbitration Forum, Vienna (Austria), 26 May 2018.


    Publikation Schifferl, Kachel Schifferl


    Schifferl, Decisions of the Austrian Supreme Court on Arbitration in 2016 and 2017, in Austrian Yearbook on International Arbitration 2018 [with Wong]


    Schifferl, Sukzessive Kompetenz und Schiedsvereinbarung, ecolex 2018, 327




    Hans Lukas Manz VortraG, kachel hans vortrag


    Laimer & Wieser (speakers), Seminar in der MANZ Rechtsakademie "Das angestellte Management aus arbeitsrechtlicher Sicht", Vienna (Austria), 18 September 2018.